When September Ends – Green Day at SBC Park


Last night a group of friends and I went to see Green Day at SBC Park in San Francisco. Eight of us decided to make a full evening of it by tailgating at the park prior to the show.

Camera phone shot of the Green Day stage

Fred brought a small charcoal grill and everyone brought food and plenty of beer for the occasion. We arrived at the stadium around 6:00 PM and fueled up before Green Day went on around 8:45 PM. We all marveled at the diversity of the crowd. With their first hits in the early 90’s to the current album (American Idiot), Green Day has been around long enough to attract several generations, from people our age, older parents with their teenagers, to several kids next to us (with very advanced air guitar skills, btw) who could not have been older than five or six years old.

Glow of cell phones and lighters during the song "Wake Me Up When September Comes"

The last time I saw Green Day was at the Bill Graham Civic Center for the Warning tour. I wondered if Green Day could pull off a stadium show but they did so in spades. From great sound, lighting, large projection screens, and several bouts of coordinated fireworks, I found everything about the show amazing. Green Day confettiFor me, the highlight of the concert was the song Wake Me Up When September Ends which Green Day dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina (see the glow of lighters and cell phones above). Later on, air cannons sent a massive cloud of tickertape like confetti swirling around the stadium. I grabbed a piece out of the air near our first balcony seats and put it in my wallet for safe keeping (pictured right).

ticket stubAfter the show, Fred, Danni, and I went back to tailgating and patiently waited for most of the traffic to leave the area before heading home around midnight. Thanks, Fred, for the tickets and organizing the group for this amazing show.

If you are interested, you can view these and more videos at greenday.com.

American Idiot

Wake Me Up When September Ends
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Macy’s Day Parade
Welcome to Paradise
When I Come Around
Brain Stew / Jaded
Geek Stink Breath
Walking Contradiction