Swimming from Alcatraz – Comics and Tales


Two cells from Tammy Stellanova's Alcatraz swim web comic

San Francisco artist and triathlete, Tammy Stellanova, created a web comic strip documenting her experience swimming from Alcatraz on August 5th. The comic strip does an accurate job of describing what it’s like, the exception being the frame where she illustrates hitting something under water she can’t see (depicted as a small fish). This has happened to me a number of times while swimming in Aquatic Park but I always picture something closer to Jules Verne’s monster from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. (From the point of contact through the next thirty seconds I’m transformed into an olympic class swimmer.) View Tammy’s the complete web comic.

Some friends and I did the Alcatraz 100 Swim of the Centurions this year on September 2nd. Unlike Tammy’s experience, we were lucky to have clear skies and relatively calm water this time. A few pictures below.

Pre-race photo of the Balclutha at Aquatic Park. No fog and not a cloud in the sky.
Balclutha at dawn.

Post Alcatraz 100 scene.

Picture of Balclutha and post-race scene

Fred suffers an excruciating Charlie horse; Nicole plays nurse. (Apparently, someone behind Fred on the boat landed on his leg, the result of a poorly executed jump. I didn’t say anything at the time but secretly suspected the sea monster.)
Fred with leg bandaged wincing from Charlie horse