Seven Easy Sisters


[Note: the Listen to MP3 link above is not working today while the service we use troubleshoots server issues. Hopefully, audio will be back online soon.]

It seems the good weather has returned to the San Francisco Bay Area. Today I was pleased to trade the solitary glow of computer monitors for clear skies, bright sunshine, and good cycling company. Deciding today would be an easy day, Ironman Pieter Bas Leezenberg and I rode from the city north to Fairfax, CA and stopped at the Marin Coffee Roasters. After enjoying a cup of the blackest coffee I believe either of us had ever seen, we (miraculously) found some extra motivation to deviate from the mellower plan of riding north to Nicasio, CA to instead head west toward the costal mountains to ride the Alpine Dam / Seven Sisters loop. A generally challenging 60-mile ride from the city with just under 5,000 ft. of climbing, the sisters ride climbs out of Fairfax via Fairfax Bolinas Road, continues along Bolinas Ridge Road and heads to the summit of Mt. Tamalpais. Despite the more challenging terrain, Pieter and I still chose to simply pedal easy and take in the scenery. Pieter was able to snap this fine picture from my camera phone at the summit of Mt. Tam.

Me at the summit of Mt. Tam

From that point, after several small demoralizing ups and downs in the road, it’s a thrilling but controlled descent back to the Marin bike path which sits at sea level (behind me).

The only semi-eventful moment in the ride occurred in Mill Valley when an inattentive shopper swerved across the bike path into a driveway directly in front of Pieter. Thankfully, Pieter’s deft cycling skills kept him upright. After our heart rates returned to normal, we quickly forgot about it and enjoyed perfect weather all the way home.