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Google Wave: Replacement for Email and More

If you missed the Google I/O conference last week, here is the video of Google’s largest announcement, Google Wave, which in short aims to replace the 40 year old email standard and become a new open standard for electronic communication and real-time collaboration. It’s a whole new way of thinking about online communication and there […]

Text Cloud – President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Moments after Barack Obama took the oath of office, a new White House website was launched where President Barack Obama has published his agenda for the new administration. In reading The President’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, I thought it would make for an interesting text cloud. The new site also includes the addition of […]

glTail.rb – Realtime Logfile Visualization

For the techies in the crowd, I have been playing with glTail.rb for the past few days, a new ruby-based log file visualization script. Installed locally on a PC or laptop, glTail.rb SSH connects to and tails multiple Apache, Rails, or IIS web server log files and provides realtime site traffic visualization. (Instead of trying […]

TrendMedia, Guide Dogs Fetch Web Award

“Good boy!” TrendMedia and win the Web Marketing Association’s 2007 Non-Profit Standard of Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Bottom line, it was a fun project to work on and at the end of the day one of those projects that really makes you feel good about what […]

Relative Font Size (EM) Calculator

This for the web UI developers out there. One of the more difficult tasks in creating accessible websites based on scalable “EM” font sizes is calculating the font sizes for nested page elements. (For a tutorial on using EMS, see Richard Rutter’s How to size text using ems.) There is a simple formula for EMS […]

History and Development of Window-Eyes Screenreader Software (video)

In working with LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Guide Dogs for the Blind, much of my work centers around the accessibility and usability of web pages in screenreader software such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, and Apple VoiceOver. For those interested in screenreader software and accessibility, Doug Geoffray from GW Micro discusses the history […]

Guide Dogs, TrendMedia, Accessibility in News

TrendMedia recently completed work on a new, accessible web site for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. Today, Guide Dogs released a press release on PR Web which in turn appeared on Google News — Guide Dogs for the Blind Launches State-of-the-Art Website: a Model for Accessibility. You can read the complete […]

Mark of a Successful Web Developer

Was just going through my inbox when I spotted a message from Harmen Steele, a Ruby on Rails developer I met at RailsConf 2006. Harmen was easily the coolest person I met at RailsConf. (Harmen: I’m so sorry. I am getting around to answering your email from Aug. 24, 2006…seriously! Sorry it’s taking so long; […]

Google Launches Code Search

It was only a matter of time before Google launched it’s own code search engine. Having played around with Google Code Search for a bit, it is clear that currently has the better site with more advanced user interface and search features. Google of course has the Google brand and a 125 billion dollar […]

Web Host Announces Forums

Today web host Server4You announced a new customer service forum. This move follows a long history of lackluster customer service which I believe, with the explosion of blogs and independent web hosting discussion forums, finally began to catch up with the company. Until recently, a Google search on Server4You would yield a mix of canned […]