Where Bravo Meets Brat – Oktoberfest 2005


After sleeping off the remaining effects of the sedation following my endoscopy, 5:00 PM rolled around and it was time to celebrate Oktoberfest at Fort Mason! It was Adam’s friend Mark Powell’s birthday; he and co-workers chose Oktoberfest as the party venue.

Oktoberfest 2005

It was also my first chance to put the new Bravo pH meter through its paces. After a bit of experimentation, Mark’s friend Yasumichi (wearing red hat above) and I determined that Bratwurst + Sauerkraut have an approximate combined pH balance of 4.5pH – very acidic. We then observed that drinking Spaten Lager brought acid levels back down (pH up), so it seemed the safe path would be fewer brats, more beer.

Bravo verses Brat (4.5pH)

Bravo verses Brat. pH = 4.5!

Beer and brats are fine but trouble really started when the Jägermeister girls showed up. Adam thinks that looking at the camera will get him out of drinking. Not true.

Jägermeister shots

Mark and Mike show Vanessa how it’s done in Germany.

Shots the Germany way.

After more than a few drinks this is what the scene looks like:

I wasn’t aware of this but apparently the first person to pass out gets to wear all of the plastic hats. Mike does Yasumichi the honors.

First to pass out wears the hats.

All-in-all a great time. I walked home beer stein and Bravo meter in hand.