Windows XP Flaw ‘Extremely Serious’


It is clear to me that developers at Microsoft are way over their heads when it comes to developing and maintaining secure operating systems and web servers. Here is news of yet another extremely serious vulnerability that exists on fully patched Windows XP and Windows 2003 Web Server systems.

12.28.05 – Exploit Released for Unpatched Windows Flaw
12.30.05 – Windows XP Flaw ‘Extremely Serious’

Microsoft bugs

So why can’t Microsoft handle security properly? And why does Microsoft leave anti-virus and worm detection to third-party companies like Symantec and McAfee? I mean, isn’t security Microsoft’s issue to solve??

Last month, on my own fully patched and up-to-date Windows XP system, Danielle and I watched as a ghost literally typed its own letter line by line in Microsoft Word. At first I thought it was a user with a remote exploit to my computer but after progressively disabling LAN and wireless connections we determined that it was in fact a macro virus. How it got there undetected, no one knows. After multiple full system scans, my fully up-to-date copy of Norton Anti-Virus, the most recognized anti-virus program on the market, has yet to detect it — this on the machine that houses all of my business and personal financial data. Great.