Wasting time on future productivity


It’s 3:00 pm and I have gotten almost no work done today. So far, my day has been consumed by:

  1. Cable troubleshooting with Comcast. (Turns out someone unhooked my cable yesterday!)
  2. Playing with a new D-Link Bluetooth dongle in anticipation of my wireless Jabra BT250v headset arriving from Amazon
    sometime this month.
  3. Installing Skype.
  4. Troubleshooting why my local Apache HTTP server won’t run. (Turns out it’s because of Skype. Great.)
  5. Installing WordPress.

OK. #1 is not my fault. The rest I am chalking up to an investment in “future productivity”. Yeah, right. Does all of this technology really make us more productive or just create an illusion of productivity? I best get my butt back to coding – you know – the billable stuff.