Vitamin Supplement for Web Developers


Vitamin logoIf you work in web design and development, you may be interested in this new resource — Started by Carson Workshops, Vitamin is a magazine style site featuring industry news, training for designers and programmers, reviews of the latest software tools, interviews, podcasts, and workshops for web professionals. The Vitamin editorial and advisory board consists of luminaries in standards-based design, XHTML/CSS, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails and other technologies defining new web design practices.

I recently subscribed to the Interviews and Training podcasts and listened to a great interview with Dave Shea, creator of the CSS Zen Garden site while grocery shopping at lunch today. Great stuff. The only thing I would add to my wish list (for you Vitamin editors if you are reading) is a master RSS feed of all site content. I look forward to following this publication in the future.

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