Virtual Experience Leads to Real World Purchase


After reading a user comment on one of Dave Winer’s posts about Second Life, I decided to check out Slackstreet — the location where Robert Scoble and his son are beginning to build their virtual empire. Wondering around the Slackstreet neighborhood I discovered a building called the Multimedia Center. I ventured inside and soon began to hear music. Inside was a virtual projection screen playing a music video by hip-hop artist Pete Miser. The video was called Scent Of A Robot. “This is great!”, I thought.

Miser screenshot 1Miser screenshot 2
Miser screenshot 3Miser screenshot 4

I haven’t discovered much new music lately that interests me. I looked up Pete Miser on the web and found his website. I watched a few videos then went to iTunes to see if his work was in the music store. Sure enough, it was so I purchased Pete’s latest album, “Camouflage Is Relative“. So there you have it — a virtual world experience that influenced a real world purchase! If your business is not in Second Life, perhaps it’s time to start thinking doing something about it.

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