Triathlon Transition Challenge (GGTC WFTW)


This past weekend was the Golden Gate Triathlon Club (GGTC) Wildflower Training Weekend (WFTW). Members from GGTC and the Tri & Give and H.I.T. training programs meet at Lake San Antonio (approximately two hundred miles south of San Francisco) to practice swimming, biking, and running, attend triathlon related clinics, and generally socialize before the Wildflower Triathlon in May.

After a hard day of cycling the olympic and half-ironman bike courses but before the Saturday night BBQ, the club hosts a triathlon transition challenge. Select members from the club, coaches and pro triathletes go head-to-head to see who is the quickest to go from swimming to biking to running. The race starts at the Wildflower swim entry/exit boat ramp. Participants run to their bikes, chug a beer (uh, not a normal part of triathlon), ride a short lap, return to the transition area, change from cycling to running, then run a final lap to the finish line.

Congratulations to Scott Witthoff who beat Lara Brown by a hand, and good recovery to Matt Dixon whose seat post failed during the bike portion of transition. (Thankfully, Matt was OK!)

Special thanks to the GGTC board of directors for organizing the best WFTW yet, and to these great GGTC sponsors who donated their time, expertise, and/or products: Endurance PTC, Tri More Fitness, Zoom Multisport, Avanzare Sports Therapy, Galaxy Granola, Club Caffeine, PowerBar, Chalk Hill Wines, Attune Foodsm, Light Full Foods, KINeSYS Sun Care, Mack’s Ear Plugs.

Good times.


Triathlon Transition Challenge at the GGTC WFTW