Skype – 1yr Unlimited Calls for $14.95


Since canceling my land telephone lines back in April 2006, save a few high cell phone bills during the transition, I have been happy with the decision. For the majority of my daily calls I use Skype, a free VOIP client for PC and Mac, paired with a wireless bluetooth headset. While the signal quality can vary with connection speed, I have found Skype to be more than adequate for routine phone calls and daily collaboration with co-workers and vendors. For more sensitive calls I still use my cell phone (i.e. – conference calls with clients, etc.).

Skype is offering free computer-to-phone calls anywhere in the United States through the end of the year. If you haven’t tried Skype for computer-to-phone calls yet, now is the time. Come 2007, the free ride is over but Skype is offering a year of unlimited calls to any phone in the US or Canada for $14.95. Seems like a deal to me. The 2007 promotion is good through January 31, 2007. Happy calling.

Skype offer