Ruby Tuesday – My First Foray into RoR


Ruby on RailsLearning Ruby has been on my 43 Things list for some time now. The programming that I do for work is mostly PHP and in my free time I try to study more advanced PHP and MySQL concepts and topics. But something got to me today, perhaps reading one too many posts about Ruby, or posts about other frameworks trying to imitate Rails (i.e. CakePHP), I decided that it was time to start my first tutorial, Rolling with Ruby on Rails by Curt Hibbs available on the O’Reilly OnLAMP site. So far, I have everything installed on my local machine and managed to make it halfway through the tutorial while at the same time listening to the David Heinemeier RUC video on the Ruby on Rails home page. It’s late, fatigue is setting in, but this is exciting stuff. I am tempted to keep studying for another few hours but another one of my goals happens to be to go to sleep earlier so it’s time to stop for the night. Anyhow, I took the first step towards learning RoR and am excited to continue my studies.