Mark of a Successful Web Developer

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Was just going through my inbox when I spotted a message from Harmen Steele, a Ruby on Rails developer I met at RailsConf 2006. Harmen was easily the coolest person I met at RailsConf. (Harmen: I’m so sorry. I am getting around to answering your email from Aug. 24, 2006…seriously! Sorry it’s taking so long; I just never seem to get out of firefighting mode.) Anyhow, I clicked on the web address in Harmem’s signature and got the following…

Underdog Solutions coming soon screenshot

I laughed and thought, ain’t that the truth? We’re all too busy to take care of our own marketing. Clients beware: never hire a web developer with an up to date website — it means that they are not working! Harmen: I hope your coming soon page never changes; I’ll know you’re doing well. šŸ˜‰ Now on to answering your email…

All the best.

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