Lawrence Lessig – Google Book Seach and IP


Forgive me Father, for it has been twenty-three days since my last blog post. It’s almost impossible to fathom that so much time has slipped by. In a nutshell, I have been extremely busy which, I know, is no excuse. It’s not to say that the blog post ideas haven’t been piling up in my head, for they have. It just takes time, real time, to sit down and write something coherent and worth reading.

Regarding blog post ideas, one of the things you should know about me is that I am addicted to content. If I don’t get my daily fix of stories from,, three chapters from the latest technology book, and the content of about twenty blogs I read daily, some of which are aggregations of tens or hundreds of other blogs (also known as blog “planets”), I feel lost and out of touch. It’s an extreme amount of content to consume every day. To deal with the mountain of information (and to allude to an article I plan to post in the near future) I have devised a way to turn most of the content I am interested in into audio. As such, I “listen” to printed books, blogs, manuscripts, lectures, etc. all day long while I work.

Today, while “listening” to “Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers” by Shel Israel & Robert Scoble, a must read for anyone in business or technology at this point, my ears perked up in Chapter 6, where Scoble and Isreal talk about lawyers who blog. They give the example of Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford Law professor who is well known in IP law as it relates to technology. His blog sounded interesting given all of the questions that surround software patents so I visited Lawrence’s site and came across this grossly entertaining presentation about the legal issues surrounding the Google Book Search project. It’s a thirty-minute presentation that almost left me in tears. I was about to toss it on the pile of potential blog posts but then said, screw it – twenty-three days, it’s great information, I’m posting about it now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now back to work!

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