– The Search Engine for Developers


Krugle logoI just wanted to say good luck to the crew at during their product launch today at the DEMO Conference in Arizona and the Evans Data Developer Conference in San Francisco! (If you have seen me working around the clock for the past week, carefully guarding my laptop screen from view, is the top-secret site I was working on. Now you know what I was up to.)

Krugle productWhat is, you ask? In short, Krugle is a search engine for developers. Krugle allows developers to search for source code, find code related technical information, and save, annotate and share these searches with other developers — all from a single, easy-to-use, web application. Read more about Krugle and view screenshots of the new application on the Krugle product page. In true Web 2.0 style, Krugle is inviting developers to participate in a Beta release of the search engine. If you are a developer be sure to signup early; the invite is first come, first served.

The only thing possibly cooler than the new Krugle search engine is the team behind it — a big thank you to Don Thorson and John Mitchell of Krugle, and Allen Ashton and Scott Panton of Ashton Abeck Design for allowing me and TrendMedia to be a part of the initial Krugle site launch.

A great product backed by a great team — what more could you ask for? Knock ‘em dead at DEMO, guys!!