IT – One of the Most Stressful Professions


Woe to the techies. A study commissioned by e-learning provider Skillsoft found that of 3,000 people surveyed, IT experts were more likely than any other professional to suffer from stress. 97 percent of all IT professionals surveyed reported daily stress related to workload, deadlines, feeling undervalued, and having to take on other people’s work.

The old joke is that no one ever calls IT to say that their computer is working great. Here’s the bottom line — appreciate you IT people and don’t only call them when you *need* something.

Top Ten Stressful Professions

  1. IT
  2. Medicine / Caring Profession
  3. Engineering
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Education
  6. Finance
  7. Human Resources
  8. Operations
  9. Production
  10. Clerical