The Real Cost of War

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I give you fair warning that this is not the happiest post, nor am I here to provide an opinion on the war in Iraq. That said, I believe that the following information is important.

Interactive designer, Tim Klimowicz, has created an animation to visualize coalition fatalities in the war in Iraq. The animation provides a very different picture from the piecemeal information we are used to receiving through traditional media.

Starting in March of 2003, the time-lapse sequence runs at ten frames per second, each frame represents a single day. A dot on the map marks the location where a fatality occurred. Sound is also used; a single soft click represents a single fatality while louder clicks represent multiple fatalities in the same location. (Click on the screenshot below to view the animation.) I leave it to you to decide how to use, or how to feel about this information.

Screenshot of Tim Klimowicz animation