History and Development of Window-Eyes Screenreader Software (video)


In working with LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Guide Dogs for the Blind, much of my work centers around the accessibility and usability of web pages in screenreader software such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, and Apple VoiceOver. For those interested in screenreader software and accessibility, Doug Geoffray from GW Micro discusses the history and development of GW Micro’s Window-Eyes screenreader software and answers questions from developers in the two part presentation “From the Mouth of a Screenreader”. (Unfortunately, Doug’s a bit negative about Apple’s development of screenreader software native in OS X, but it’s to be expected since VoiceOver directly competes with Window-Eyes. Otherwise, it’s an interesting and informative presentation.)

Doug Geoffray: From the Mouth of a Screenreader – Part 1

Doug Geoffray: From the Mouth of a Screenreader – Part 2

More videos available at Yahoo’s YUI Theater.

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