Generate OPML From


For the PHP developers/bloggers out there, Ben Ramsey just posted a great article complete with code on how to dynamically generate a blogroll from bookmarks using OPML and the API. (Huh?) For the non-technical crowd, here is a slightly less geeky translation.

1. A blogroll is a collection of links to other blogs. When present, blogrolls are often found on the front page sidebar of most blogs. I have a short blogroll on the home page of my blog. Most blogrolls are a bit longer.

2. The website is a site to save and share bookmarks online. If you are still using the bookmark feature in your browser, it’s time to start using instead.

3. OPML is a format used to exchange lists of things, most commonly lists of sites or RSS feeds. For example, if I have a list of ten blog sites that I want to share with you, I could send you the list in an OPML file. You could then import this OPML into your news reader or blog software that understands OPML and view the list.

Nice work, Ben — a very useful script!