Fall Cycling in Northern California


Picture of Chileno Valley Road, black asphalt, grass, and white fence posts disappear into the distance.

There is something great about riding during the Fall. The air is crisp, the roads are clear of summer tourist traffic, and the whole world seems to slow down as if resting from the busy summer or relaxing before the transition to colder months.

While most of the time I am wrapped up in concerns about work, bills, relationships, or the bottomless to-do list that continually scrolls through my mind, once in a great while a moment comes along when all of that disappears. A solitary moment on the bike. A precious moment. In this moment the pressure of the cranks simply disappears. The wind is at the back, the road stretches out flat and clear, and all that exists is beauty.

Black and white cows standing by wire fence near Nicasio California.

A few pictures from my Saturday bike ride. The rolling stretches of Chileno Valley Road (top), and California cows near a fence at Hicks Valley Road and Point Reyes Petaluma Road in Petaluma, CA (about one hour north of San Francisco).