Digg.com – Possible Solution for the Digg Effect


Digg iconIf you have used Digg.com for any length of time then you are probably aware of the dreaded “Digg Effect”. This usually happens when a story reaches the Digg.com home page and the site to which the story refers receives so much traffic that its server becomes overwhelmed and can no longer keep up with page requests effectively taking the site offline. It is an annoyance for Digg readers and a major problem for web site owners. While witnessing the Digg effect happen to this story this afternoon, an idea came to me that I in-turn emailed to the Digg site team.

“Why not create a Digg Effect Meter?”

A Digg Effect meter would appear next to each story title and would show the real-time responsiveness of a “dugg” site by sending periodic requests to the site and updating the meter via AJAX. This way Digg users could see how badly “dugg” a site is and choose to visit the site later if traffic is too high. This would help both Digg readers and site owners and allow the Digg community to effectively self-manage the Digg effect. What do you think?

YouOS.com experiencing the Digg effect.

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