Depeche Mode (Still) Powers My Workouts


Yes, YouTube could be my downfall. I recently stumbled across this funny interview of Depeche Mode, then the 80’s concert video below. You have it all going on here — the real musician, Allen Wilder (in black) still in the band, Dave Gahan with the “People are People” two-tone flattop hairdo, up-tempo Vincent Clarke (Yazoo/Erasure) inspired disco beats, Martin Gore in leather, plus Dave’s signature whirling dervish dance move.

Depeche Mode used to be one of my favorite bands back in the day and fueled long winter indoor cycling workouts when I lived in Chicago during high school and college. Seeing the video again reminded me how important Depeche Mode was to me at the time and how closely music was and continues to be tied to exercise. I recently went to iTunes to find some Depeche Mode remixes I could add to my workout playlist. (Here is the playlist I created; a bit dark for everyday but great when the mood strikes.)

I rode inside on a trainer last night listening to the mix; it was a trip to hear my old tunes combined with the experience of being older, sitting on top of a high-tech bike I could never have imagined years before in a city halfway across the country. It was interesting to feel the connection with the past and realize that, despite all that changes, there is a constant and powerful thread that runs through and empowers my life — music and exercise.

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