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Virtual Experience Leads to Real World Purchase

After reading a user comment on one of Dave Winer’s posts about Second Life, I decided to check out Slackstreet — the location where Robert Scoble and his son are beginning to build their virtual empire. Wondering around the Slackstreet neighborhood I discovered a building called the Multimedia Center. I ventured inside and soon began […]

Generate OPML From

For the PHP developers/bloggers out there, Ben Ramsey just posted a great article complete with code on how to dynamically generate a blogroll from bookmarks using OPML and the API. (Huh?) For the non-technical crowd, here is a slightly less geeky translation. 1. A blogroll is a collection of links to other blogs. […]

Second Life – Cover of Business Week

If you dismissed my post in March and cocktail party ramblings about business opportunities in online virtual worlds such as Second Life, maybe this will finally earn your attention — Second Life has made the May 2006 cover of Business Week magazine. (Thanks to friend John Murphy for pointing this out.) Read the Business Week […]

Vitamin Supplement for Web Developers

If you work in web design and development, you may be interested in this new resource — Started by Carson Workshops, Vitamin is a magazine style site featuring industry news, training for designers and programmers, reviews of the latest software tools, interviews, podcasts, and workshops for web professionals. The Vitamin editorial and advisory board […]

Apple Announces Windows for Mac

It’s official. You can now run Microsoft Windows on Intel based Macs. From the Apple web site: “More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP […]

Welcome to Your Second Life

After seeing Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, and Emily Chang all blog about Second Life, and all three being sensible grownups (mostly), I figured it was time to check out the game. In a nutshell, Second Life is exactly that – a complete online virtual world where just about everything you can do in real life […]

Recipe for a Massively Successful Web 2.0 Launch

Trying not to sound too biased here, but I predict that the launch of will go down in marketing history as one of the most successful Web 2.0 product/company launches ever and will be talked about in marketing circles for years to come. Don Thorson, VP of Marketing at, posts a behind-the-scenes article […] – Possible Solution for the Digg Effect

If you have used for any length of time then you are probably aware of the dreaded “Digg Effect”. This usually happens when a story reaches the home page and the site to which the story refers receives so much traffic that its server becomes overwhelmed and can no longer keep up with […]

Lawrence Lessig – Google Book Seach and IP

Forgive me Father, for it has been twenty-three days since my last blog post. It’s almost impossible to fathom that so much time has slipped by. In a nutshell, I have been extremely busy which, I know, is no excuse. It’s not to say that the blog post ideas haven’t been piling up in my […] – We All Live for Confirmation

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