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Fall Cycling in Northern California

There is something great about riding during the Fall. The air is crisp, the roads are clear of summer tourist traffic, and the whole world seems to slow down as if resting from the busy summer or relaxing before the transition to colder months. While most of the time I am wrapped up in concerns […]

Almost Treadmill Time

Only 52 more days until Daylight Savings Time ends on Oct. 29 and we’re back to exercising at the gym. Get those outdoor runs in while you can. Some new treadmill moves for you when the time comes.

Cycling Dog

My soul mate lives in Japan! Thanks for the great find, Jojo. When you are done laughing, be sure to check in on Levi, my buddy Andy’s dog, at I will be releasing a LeviCam Dashboard Widget for Mac OSX very soon. [tags]cycling, dogs, japan, levi, mcnitt[/tags]

Depeche Mode (Still) Powers My Workouts

Yes, YouTube could be my downfall. I recently stumbled across this funny interview of Depeche Mode, then the 80’s concert video below. You have it all going on here — the real musician, Allen Wilder (in black) still in the band, Dave Gahan with the “People are People” two-tone flattop hairdo, up-tempo Vincent Clarke (Yazoo/Erasure) […]

Overhauling a Dura-Ace 10 Crankset

For my gear-head cycling friends out there, a bit of bike maintenance porn. Tonight I faced a daunting task I have avoided for well over a year now. That is, dissembling the frankenstein-like Dura-Ace 10 crankset on my bike and replacing the bottom bracket. (Yes, I’m a geek but you knew that.) So, I admit […]

Jojo’s Last Stand (bike ride + party)

One of my good friends Jonathan “Jojo” Grover and his wife Traci are moving from San Francisco to Dallas, Texas next week. Yesterday, Jojo, a group of triathlon buddies and I posted our last ride together and snapped a few pictures along the way.

Goodbye Paramount, It’s Been Steel

Today it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend — my beloved Schwinn Paramount. My Schwinn Paramount was the first real racing bike I ever owned. It was also my first custom made bicycle. I ordered the Paramount in the summer of 1989 while working in sales at the Schwinn bicycle company in Chicago […]

Revelations from Spin Class

Most of you know that I enjoy cycling and some of you know that I started taking weekday spin classes this year to augment my otherwise thin riding schedule. Since moving to the West Coast in 1996, one of the most challenging aspects of cycling for me has been climbing. Let’s face it, 200 lb. […]

78 Stops? Cycling from San Francisco to Nicasio

After some serious time off the bike (twelve days in Hawaii followed by general work craziness) I was excited to get a semi-long endurance ride in this past Sunday. Per usual, my impromptu plan was to check the weather, decide on clothing (one layer or two), fill the tires, spend twenty minutes scrounging through cabinets […]

In Memory of Clay Mankin

There’s an old saying that the only way to make a dollar in the bicycle industry is to spend two. I’m not sure if Clay Mankin, owner of San Francisco’s City Cycle bike shop, ever struck it rich in the bicycle industry but he did know how to make a bicycle shop look and every […]