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Registered for 2010 LA Marathon

In an effort to get back in shape after holiday indulgences, today I registered for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon. Course map and promo videos below. See you soon, LA. Can’t wait!

Registered for the 2009 Chicago Marathon

It’s official — I registered for the 2009 Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2009. It will be my second marathon. w00t! My plan is to train with the San Francisco Road Runners Club and suggest friends in the Chicago area look into training with the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA). Registration for the Chicago Marathon […]

Swimming from Alcatraz – Comics and Tales

San Francisco artist and triathlete, Tammy Stellanova, created a web comic strip documenting her experience swimming from Alcatraz on August 5th. The comic strip does an accurate job of describing what it’s like, the exception being the frame where she illustrates hitting something under water she can’t see (depicted as a small fish). This has […]

5 Health Things to Blog (if I had time)

1. Marathon. Signed up and training for my first marathon (Dec. 2). 2. Veggie experiment. First two weeks eating vegetarian. What it’s like. 3. Learning Vipassana. (Meditation). Podcast-curious to first sitting. 4. No coffee, tea. Two weeks trading the bean for green tea. 5. Ironman in 2008. Yes, no, maybe?

Ford Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu) – Race Report

Ford Ironman 70.3 Hawaii Triathlon — June 2, 2007 1.2 mi. swim, 56 mi. bike, 13.1 mi. run Overall, Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu), my third half-ironman distance triathlon, was a mixed bag. On one hand, it was a 17 minute PR (compared to Wildflower this year, or an hour faster than my first half), mostly […]

Registered for Santa Barbara Triathlon

Just signed up for the Santa Barbara Long Course Triathlon on August 25, 2007. I haven’t done this triathlon before but hear that it’s well-organized, features a beautiful course, and is a great destination race. It’s a bit shorter than a standard half-ironman (only 1 mile swim, 34 mile bike, and 10 mile run), but […]

Alcatraz 100 Swim of the Centurions

I added one more event to the 2007 race calendar — the Alcatraz 100 Swim of the Centurions on September 2. Come join me! It’s a 1.25 mile open water swim from Alcatraz Island to Aquatic Park in San Francisco. There are two divisions, wetsuit and non-wetsuit (aka – “the purists”/true crazies — I’ll be […]

Lunchtime Golden Gate Bridge Run

Workout-wise, Wednesdays are tough since they generally include some form of tempo running, a run at near maximum sustainable effort. Today I had to do a one hour and fifteen minute run with fifty minutes at tempo. Oye. I was pretty sure that running back and forth along Chrissy Field wouldn’t provide enough of a […]

2007 Wildflower Triathlon – Race Report

Wildflower Triathlon Long Course — May 5, 2007 1.2 mi. swim, 56 mi. bike, 13.1 mi. run Overall, I had a great experience. For my second half-ironman in four years, I felt comfortable through almost the entire race, learned a ton, and took forty-five minutes off of my previous time. Not bad. The details… Pre-race […]

Triathlon Transition Challenge (GGTC WFTW)

This past weekend was the Golden Gate Triathlon Club (GGTC) Wildflower Training Weekend (WFTW). Members from GGTC and the Tri & Give and H.I.T. training programs meet at Lake San Antonio (approximately two hundred miles south of San Francisco) to practice swimming, biking, and running, attend triathlon related clinics, and generally socialize before the Wildflower […]