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Google Sky, new in Google Earth

Google has launched Google Sky, a new feature in Google Earth which enables viewers to explore the universe, from planets in the solar system, to constellations, to distant galaxies light years away. Download the latest version of Google Earth to access the new features. Data for Google Sky comes through a partnership with NASA and […]

Apple Launches PC Browser + Leopard Demo

Apple is moving fast and furious these days. Besides the much anticipated launch of the iPhone on June 29, Apple has just released it’s first browser for PC. (!) Mac and PC users alike can download the Safari 3 Public Beta today. In addition, Apple has completely redesigned the website and is featuring a […]

Lunchtime Golden Gate Bridge Run

Workout-wise, Wednesdays are tough since they generally include some form of tempo running, a run at near maximum sustainable effort. Today I had to do a one hour and fifteen minute run with fifty minutes at tempo. Oye. I was pretty sure that running back and forth along Chrissy Field wouldn’t provide enough of a […]

New TrendMedia World Headquarters

Well, it’s official — TrendMedia has moved from its original offices (a desk in my kitchen) to 1 Sutter Street, the Flatiron Building, Suite 201. (The food isn’t as good but the view is definitely better.) I look out onto the Citicorp Center plaza and the e-Trade building at the corner of Sutter, Sansome, and […]

Skype – 1yr Unlimited Calls for $14.95

Since canceling my land telephone lines back in April 2006, save a few high cell phone bills during the transition, I have been happy with the decision. For the majority of my daily calls I use Skype, a free VOIP client for PC and Mac, paired with a wireless bluetooth headset. While the signal quality […]

Fall Cycling in Northern California

There is something great about riding during the Fall. The air is crisp, the roads are clear of summer tourist traffic, and the whole world seems to slow down as if resting from the busy summer or relaxing before the transition to colder months. While most of the time I am wrapped up in concerns […]

Apple Previews New OSX “Leopard” (Spring ’07)

Apple is at it again. View the Keynote Address from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where Steve Jobs demos the next version of OSX (Leopard). Some of the new features and enhancements to existing applications are utterly mind blowing to say the least. The new OS was released as a developer preview today and […]

1,500 of Your Favorite 80’s Music Videos

The title says it all. Check out the music videos site.

Jojo’s Last Stand (bike ride + party)

One of my good friends Jonathan “Jojo” Grover and his wife Traci are moving from San Francisco to Dallas, Texas next week. Yesterday, Jojo, a group of triathlon buddies and I posted our last ride together and snapped a few pictures along the way.

Music is Back! How to Find New Tunes?

Music is important again. Everywhere you go it’s virtually impossible not to see someone sporting white headphones on a morning jaunt, tapping honeydew melons in the produce section, or boogying while folding laundry at the corner wash and spin. Yes, music is back, and it’s no doubt thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the sleek […]