Apple Previews New OSX “Leopard” (Spring ’07)


Quicktime screenshot - Steve Jobs' WWDC 2006 Keynote Presentation

Apple is at it again. View the Keynote Address from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where Steve Jobs demos the next version of OSX (Leopard). Some of the new features and enhancements to existing applications are utterly mind blowing to say the least. The new OS was released as a developer preview today and is scheduled to ship in Spring 2007, potentially ahead of Windows Vista.

Apple also announced pricing on all new hardware including notebooks, desktops, and servers to directly complete with large PC manufacturers such as Dell. All new Macs demoed and available today are said to be priced significantly below similarly equipped Intel-based Dell machines.

Some highlights of the new OS from the keynote:

  • Full 64-bit OS
  • Multiple Desktops ("Spaces", similar to Linux)
  • Time Machine (advanced, visual backup/recovery…you have to see it)
  • Enhanced Universal Access (will compete with Windows access technologies such as JAWS and Windoweyes)
  • Core Animation (advanced, realtime animation features for application developers)
  • Bootcamp 1.0
  • Spotlight (more advanced search features)
  • Front Row (new version)
  • Photo Booth (new version)
  • iChat (new version with advanced presentation capabilities and effects)
  • Mail (new version with HTML email templates and new "notes" capabilities)
  • iCal (new, advanced multiuser features plus calDAV support)
  • Enhanced Parental Controls
  • New Dashboard + Dashcode Widget Developer
  • XCode 3.0

And if you are looking for the comparison…yes, it blows the doors off of Windows Vista.